Patch Testing Instructions

  • Applied patches must be kept completely dry.
  • DO NOT GET YOUR BACK wet during the 5 day testing period.
  • You should not swim, shower or participate in any activities that will cause significant sweating during the 5 day testing period.
  • Leave the patches in place for 48 hours. We will remove the patches after 48 hours in the office.
  • If you experience severe itching or pain underneath a patch, call our office at 201-652-4536.
  • If you are unable to contact our office, you may have someone CAREFULLY remove or cut away the individual patch that is causing the reaction.
  • It is rare for patch test reactions to be prolonged or to leave discoloration at the test site.
  • At the end of the 5 to 7-day testing period, if allergens or irritants are identified, we will generate a list of products that are safe for you to use.  We will send you the information to your email address or thru KLARA.

Please inform our medical staff and/or your physician if:

  • You are pregnant/nursing or trying.
  • Recently taken prednisone/steroids by mouth or injection.
  • Applied steroid creams, protopic or elidel to your back within the last two weeks.

Your test may be completely negative; this means that it is less likely that an allergy is causing your skin problem.  Further testing may be necessary in the future.

Any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 201-652-4536.